Makers, fixers and grassroots innovation for circular economies

ifixit_self-repair_manifestoOn 3rd June 2014 the Centre for Sustainable Design will be hosting a workshop that explores Makers & Fixers: circular economy and grassroots innovation. The event will explore activities ‘within hacklabs and repair cafés inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and hobbyists appear to be coming together to collaborate with a view to extending the life of products through repair and/or changing product functions, therefore extending the use of materials. In addition, a number of companies and social enterprises are emerging to help consumers and users repair or fix a range of products.’ Adrian Smith will be there introducing some of our grassroots digital fabrication research, and there will be some fantastic initiatives presented by practitioners.  The workshop will also discuss ongoing research by the Centre for Sustainable Design that is ‘developing a classification of different types of Makers and Fixers based on a range of criteria and will be identifying potential environmental and social benefits of their activities … [and] seeking to identify how businesses and other organisations can learn from these groups to innovate, upscale and where appropriate commercialise activities.’