Grassroots innovation article in top 10 in 2012

One of our web articles on grassroots innovation was amongst the top 10 most visited in 2012. Leading science, technology and development website,, commissioned Adrian Smith and colleagues in India, Argentina to write a feature on the topic. Posted in May, the article considers the diversity of grassroots innovation for development, some common challenges, and the often overlooked contributions made by this activity.

shapeimage_11It is great to learn our research is attracting attention and, along with work by many others, is helping to raise the profile of bottom-up solutions to sustainability. A recent OECD report on Innovation for Inclusive Development cites our work and reflects growing interest in innovation and inclusion amongst multilateral agencies, including grassroots approaches. Hopefully research attentive to the realities of grassroots innovation can help inform sensitive and sympathetic support, and lead to increased space and resources for grassroots groups to develop socially just pathways to sustainability appropriate to their communities.