Report: UK Transition Towns Network Survey 2009

This report presents new empirical findings from the first survey of UK Transition Initiatives. The Transition movement aims to mobilise community action and foster public empowerment and engagement around climate change, with the objective of catalysing a transition to a low-carbon economy ( A network of grassroots Transition initiatives has been growing rapidly in the UK and internationally, and has evolved to address the twin challenges of climate change (the need to reduce carbon emissions), and Peak Oil. The Transition movement has to date been very successful at replicating its model of community-led initiatives. The first UK Transition Town was Totnes, formed in autumn 2006 and by February 2009 there were 94 Transition Towns, Villages, Cities and Islands in the UK and a further 40 around the world, principally in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The short survey used open- and closed-ended questions to collect basic information about the origins, development, character and activities of the UK’s Transition Initiatives. The online survey was conducted during February 2009, with email invitations sent to coordinators of all 94 Transition initiatives in the UK. Two follow-up reminders were sent, and a total of 74 responses were attained (an outstanding response rate of 78.7%).

Green Shoots of Sustainability

Seyfang, G. (2009) Green Shoots of Sustainability report to Transition Network Ltd on the first national survey of UK Transition Initiatives (University of East Anglia, Norwich)